Historical Root Beer

Who would have ever thought of a historical root beer date? Danny, for the win!

We are a root beer loving family. We don’t drink much soda but when do, we all love a cold root beer. Danny came home one evening and told me about a root beer treasure in our city. He had discovered Schilo’s. Schilo’s Delicatessen opened in 1917 and is the oldest operating restaurant in San Antonio.

In 1920 the prohibition hit. “While the rest of the country’s establishments shut their doors, at Schilo’s the beer kegs were rolled out of the coolers, and the famous Schilo’s Family Root Beer kegs rolled in and filled the tap lines to quench their patron’s thirst.”

While the kids were in school one day, Danny and I took an out-of-town guest with us to Schilo’s for our root beer date. It was served in beautiful frosty mugs, like I would imagine in a Norman Rockwell painting and it was deeeeee-licious.

Photo credit: Samantha Brooks

What I love about this root beer:

  • It is cold and scrumptious but it is uniquely set apart from my other favorite root beer brands. It tastes like a nostalgic homemade recipe.
  • You can get a root beer float but honestly the root beer without ice cream tastes like the flavor of a float, without the ice cream commitment.
  • You can get 1 free refill
We are always looking for new date ideas. Sometimes we prefer a small break in the middle of our day to connect and don’t always have time for an all-evening date adventure. Our family has been insanely busy this month and taking small time-outs as husband and wife is exactly what we need to stay connected. I especially love when we can treat our senses to something new, watch one another react, make a new memory, and inspire fresh conversation over the fun. At Schilo’s you will connect with San Antonio in a meaningful way as you experience a historical footprint and flavor of our city. I love educational and delicious.
AND GUESS WHAT… when I asked the manager if I could post a root beer date idea on our site, he brought me a bag of wooden “Free Root Beer” tokens to give YOU!

Inspired to plan a root beer date? Do it FREE and join our root beer quickie date invitation.

Here’s how:

  1. Commit to taking your spouse on a historical and homemade root beer date before the end of November.  Comment “I want free root beer” below this post or in the FB post comments.
  2. Send us a PM through Facebook Messenger OR through the Contact page on Marriage Strong site with your mailing address or how we can get your tokens to you.
  3. Enjoy your date prior to the end of November. While on your date, snap a selfie with you, your spouse, and your root beer.
  4. “Like”@marriagestrongsa and @schilosdeli pages on FB.
  5. Post your picture, tag both pages, & say “Thank you Schilo’s and Marriage Strong”

(*2 tokens per participant until my bag o’ tokens runs out.)

Your participation WILL help inspire more businesses support marriage strong dating and possibly more free dates. To read more about Schilo’s history and view cool old pictures visit https://www.schilos.com/

Happy Dating!



  1. Steve

    I want free rootbeer!


    1. Anna Panter

      You got it Steve!


  2. Alecia

    I want free root beer! 🙂


    1. Anna Panter

      You got it Alecia!


      1. Alecia

        Yay! I’m so excited! ? Thank you!


  3. Timmi

    Yay to free root beer! You can count us in for 2 please!


    1. Anna Panter

      You got it!


  4. Linda parker

    I want free root beer!


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