“A man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife, and the two are united into one.” (Ephesians 5:31-32)

Panter Fam., Est. 2002

We couldn’t have come from more vast beginnings. Danny raised on the mission field of Africa and Europe. Anna raised in Hawaiian, Micronesian, and Marshall Islands without exposure to faith or Christ.

But God is good! He brought us together in Texas.  We met at church not long after the Lord captured my (Anna) heart and changed the path of my life. Best friends immediately, we decided to pursue the Lord to define the steps of our relationship. A few months later we agreed to date, within a year and a half we were engaged, and married by year two.

Our journey has seen peaks, valleys, and plateaus but it is because of the gospel of Jesus Christ that we can call this life “incredible” together. Every day is grace…a gift, filled with new opportunities to love others through our marriage and the love of Christ. We have three precious girls. Each unique, smart in their own pursuit, and lovely.  And so we continue in this life…trusting God with each step of our adventure.

Every so often, Danny has the pleasure of doing weddings. This was a special one. The groom was just a child when we first arrived in VA and Danny became his youth pastor. What a joy it is when we see the youth rise up and grow up into men and women of God. What an honor when Danny gets to be a part of their marriage journey from the beginning.


  1. Elise


    I am looking for info on the marriage strong program. Is this a class where you meet once a week at the church? My husband and I are members at the church but we are asking for my husband’s uncle and his wife. They are trying to work on their marriage and then I remembered that FBCSA had mentioned a marriage strong program. We were thinking of joining it with them for support. I just can’t seem to find any info about it. Or is it just a blog and not an actual class? Thank you so much for any info you can provide!


    1. Danny Panter

      Elise thank you for your comment. We are always eager to help marriages. FBCSA currently offers Re|engage as a pilot program; it will officially launch in the fall. Re|engage is a great place to start to help any marriage. It is a Gospel centered small group program that walks couples through self-reflection and restoration. If you are seeking more immediate help please contact me directly, danny@fbcsa.org. Also, you can find up to date info at fbcsa.org/marriagestrong.


  2. Anna Panter

    Re Engage begins September 5th!


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