One of the most remarkable things about Jesus is he moved towards us first. Not the other way around.

For God so loved the world, that he sent his only Son…”  (John 3:16

That is an amazing thought, isn’t it? Jesus sacrificially made the first move.

“Emmanuel”, God with us, sets the prime example for husbands in marriage. So, WE (husbands) are to be the prime movers. WE (husbands) initiate movement. WE (husbands) don’t wait for the right conditions, or reason she should move first. When WE move toward our wife, we rediscover what it means to lead.

Movement comes in both big and small steps…

As little as a text with an encouraging word, or as big as sacrificially serving her even when you are disappointed or angry.

As small as massaging her feet (which may not be small at all), or as big as coming home ready to work on taking things off her to-do list without her having to ask.

As small as bringing home flowers or as big as praying with her once a week. The list is endless of course.

The bottom line… How can you move toward your wife today? How can you make the first move?


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